Identifikasi Soal Reading Comprehension bagian 3 : Description Of Someone, Procedure, dan Advertisment

Pada kesempatan kali ini Imyid akan melanjutkan membahas contoh soal mengenai Reading Comprehension bagian ketiga. Baca juga bagian kedua mengenai materi Reading Comprehension Message atau E-mail, Company Profile dan Job description  yang sebelumnya sudah dijelaskan. materi kali ini adalah Description Someone, Procedure dan advertisment. selamat menyimak ... 

Description Of Someone
Julio Iglesias is a famous singer. He was born in 1943 in Spain. He had a serious bad car accident in 1963. He needed more than a year to recover the injury caused by the accident. Since he spent his time in hospital, he started to learn play guitar and sing in the hospital. In the first time, he did this just to spend his boring time in the hospital. But no ones knows that he actually has a natural gift to be a great singer.
He won his first song contest in 1968. In 1970, his song “Guendoline” became a hit in Europe. He quickly became popular in Europe and Latin America. He won 1972 Eurovision Song contest. His record sold over 100 milion copies by 1980. His most famous song in England is “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before” with Willie Nelson.

Contoh Soal :
What is his song which became hit in Europe ?
a. To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before
b. Guendoline
c. Because of you
d. Incredible
Jawaban : B
Pembahasan : berdasarkan kalimat “In 1970, his song “ guendoline” became a hit in Europe” maka jawaban yang benar adalah (B)

“He needed more than a year to recover from the injury ...” (paragraph 1).
The Underline word has the same meaning with ...
a. Heal
b. Examine
c. Surgery
d. Solved
Jawaban : A
Pembahasan : kata recover memiliki arti yang sama dengan kata heal artinya sembuh.

Procedure ( Manual/Resep/Petunjuk/Instruksi)
The regulations for Visitors of Probolinggo Museum
1. Buy ticket before entering the gate
2. Leave all your belongings before entering the building.
3. Eating, drinking, and smoking are not allowed in the building
4. Do not turn on the radio or tape recorder inside the building.
5. Touching the antiquities is prohited
6. Do not take pictures of the antiquities.

Contoh Soal :
What is the text about ?
a. The rules about buying tickets
b. The procedures for the Visitors to buy the ticket
c. The regulations for visitors in Museum Probolinggo
d. The instruction when the right time to visit Museum
Jawaban : C
Pembahasan : Teks tersebut jelas mengenai peraturan bagi para pengunjung di Museum Probolinggo. Maka jawaban yang benar adala (C).

What’s the antonym of the word “probihited” in rule no. 5 ?
a. Permitted
b. Forbidden
c. Suggested
d. Avoided
Jawaban : A
Pembahasan : Antonim atau lawan kata dari probihited yang artinya dilarang adalah permitted yang artinya diizinkan.

We are proudly announcing. Our transportation fleet are now ready to carry you to your destination. Our 60 luxurious new tourist buses will make comfort for you trip. We offer the competitive charges. Your satisfaction is our priority. Come and prove. Contact us soon.
Geo Trip Bus Marketing Manager
Pajajaran II/23 Sumber, Solo. Telp 734960. Fax: 637274
e-mail :

Contoh Soal :
Which one is not possible to make reservation ?
a. Come to address
b. Send an e-mail
c. Book it to the Director
d. Contact GTB by phone
Jawaban : C
Pembahasan : Berdasarkan teks untuk melakukan reservasi atau pemesanan maka dapat melalui telepon, fax atau datang ke alamat yang dimaksud. Sehingga jawabannya (C).
From the text, we know that ...
a. GTB is a new transportation in town
b. It servers various coutes
c. People can stop the bus in every bus stop in city
d. It only serves on people’s order destination
Jawaban : D
Pembahasan : Berdasarkan teks, pernyataan yang benar adalah (D) “Bus tersebut hanya melayani tujuan sesuai pesanan”

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